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Temptation - Chapter 16 - Teaser

I know you all hate me and I’m so sorry for letting you all down, but I just really didn’t want to write… but now, here’s teaser for the next chapter that will be posted asap. I promise. And if I don’t keep that promise, you can all unfollow me.


Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok.

I wiggled my feet as my legs dangled from the edge of the kitchen counter. My eyes shifted from the clock, out the window and over to Harry’s house. It had been two days since…we’d seen each other. Two days since my mom wouldn’t let me leave the house due to my…illness. But today, she was back at work. And I was home alone. And I knew Harry was too. In my boredom, I’d done nothing but stare out of the window since I’d got up. First his parents, then his sister had left the house.

I was tempted. Tempted to give in to the temptation that was Harry. Everything that I wasn’t supposed to be doing; but the one thing I didn’t seem to be able to resist. “Shit, fuck, dick, ass…”, I mumbled under my breath as I pushed myself off the counter and stormed out of my house. My heart drummed wildly beneath my chest as I awaited him to open the door. Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok. Tik…

Suddenly, the door swung open, revealing a rather shirtless Harry in just his boxers and just like that my mind went blank and all I could think of was wanting him. Badly. Without a word, I threw myself at him; arms round his neck, lips on his, door falling shut. His hands gripped at my hips as he pushed me against the wall, bodies so close.

His tongue danced ever so hungrily with mine, soft lips massaging my own rhythmically.

"Woah.", he suddenly breathed as I brushed my fingers over his neck and to his shoulders, lips smacking as they parted. "Wh-", he began, but in my sudden confidence, I pressed a finger against his oh so perfect lips. “Shh.”, I whispered, “Just fuck me.”


Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA these past couple of weeks… again, ugh. So, so sorry!

But, I hope you will all be happy to hear that I’ve written a bit of chapter 16 already and it will hopefully be up soon-ish :).

Now… I have a question: What do you think is going to happen in Temptation anyway?

Ps.: I’ve got 32 beautiful messages from you beautiful people, but I couldn’t possibly answer all of them without completely clouding everyone’s dash. Just know I’ve read them all and want to say a MASSIVE thank you! You guys are wonderful!

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I don’t know! But it makes me happy that you think it is! x.

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I only have one… And whenever I find the time x.

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Thank you! Hopefully asap x.

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Thank you! x.

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18 x.

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18 x.